Terms and Conditions

1. Understanding the Rules

1.1 We will take great care in making any decision as to whether you meet the ME100 Award criteria, who will be selected for interview and offered a place on the programme, but please note that all decisions we make are final, without right of appeal or referral to the third party for determination.

1.2 In these Rules, “we” means Montagu Evans LLP. Please read these Rules carefully, as you must confirm on your application that you have read and fully understood them.

1.3 If any dispute arises as to the interpretation of these Rules, our decision as to their correct meaning will be final.

2. Eligibility

2.1 This section of the Rules sets out who is eligible to apply to our ME100 Award. Please note that fulfilment of these criteria is a condition of entry and does not mean you will be selected for interview.

2.2 It is your responsibility to check that you meet these eligibility criteria. We will check eligibility before inviting candidates to interview. We will determine in our absolute discretion whether the eligibility criteria have been met.

2.3 In order to apply for our ME100 Award you must fulfil ALL of the following criteria:

You must have lived in the UK for not less than 3 years before the date of your application
You must not have any criminal convictions
You must not have any   existing external investors in your business. All shareholders in or owners of the business must be also executive officers of the business
Your business can be from initial idea through to up to 3 years trading with turnover of less than £2m per annum for the last 3 years
Your business must impact or be relevant to the property sector

2.4 If you have any questions about any of the criteria above, please email ME100@Montagu-Evans.co.uk.

3. Selection process

3.1 Your completed business case and CV submitted by 22 March 2021.  From the candidate applications we will shortlist no more than four potential candidates who will be invited to attend an interview either virtually or in our London office over March and April 2021. If you are selected to attend you must provide immediate availability.

3.2 Those successful from the interview will then be invited to present their proposed business case (“the Business”) virtually to the whole firm with a brief provided. You will receive an email no later than 9 April 2021.

3.3 No more than two final candidates will then be selected as the winners and each will be given the Award detailed below commencing on 3 May 2021.

4. ME100 AWARD

4.1 The Award will consist of:

a) the mentoring referred to in Paragraph 5 below; and

b) the Funding referred to in Paragraph 6 below

4.2 As a condition of receiving the Award the winners will be required to attend a photoshoot for promotional material throughout the sponsored year. You agree to be photographed and for your name and image to be used in materials promoting the ME100 Awards for both internal and external communication.

5. Mentoring

5.1 If you are successful and win one of the Awards you will be assigned a Montagu Evans Partner as a mentor for one year from 3 May 2021 to 30 April 2022.

Your mentor will be selected by us at our discretion (but after consultation with you) for personal and professional compatibility relevant to your Business and will be available, at mutually convenient times, to give you guidance, advice and (where relevant) provide business connections. In addition, the winners will have access to and use of all Montagu Evans offices (subject to the usual security requirements).

5.2 Please note that:
5.2.1 Your mentor will be giving their time as a volunteer. The nature of our business means that our fee earners have busy workloads and mentoring can only occupy a reasonable amount of their time. We therefore have the right to decide on and apply limits to your mentor’s time commitment to you, although we will not do so without notifying you first;

5.2.2 Mentoring will be a mix of face-to-face, email, video and phone calls. We will not provide you with the out of hours contact details of your mentor.

5.2.3 You will be invited by us to relevant meetings and networking events which we think would be appropriate to support your network, knowledge and connections. Details of each will be sent to you well in advance.

5.2.4 As part of the mentoring you acknowledge that all advice provided by your mentor is given without liability on his/her part and of that of any of the partners and staff of ME for any direct or indirect loss, damage, liability or expense claimed to be incurred or suffered by you.


6.1 Successful candidates will be given a cash sum in the region of £5-10,000 (the exact amount to be at the discretion of Montagu Evans and requirements laid out in the business case) for the purpose of funding the Business set out in your business case (“Funding”). You agree to use the Funding solely for the purpose of funding the Business (“the Purpose”) and when reasonably requested by us to provide such evidence as we reasonably require that the Funding has been used for that purpose. Payment will be in instalments to your nominated bank account.

6.2 Intellectual property relating to candidates business plans remain solely with the candidate and not the property of Montagu Evans LLP. Success of the business is not the responsibility of Montagu Evans.

6.3 After 30 April 2022, if requested by you Montagu Evans may provide you with a non-executive director within your business to continue support at the discretion of the Managing Partner of Montagu Evans.


The Award can be terminated at any time by Montagu Evans by giving notice to you if (in its sole judgement) any of the below occur:

  • if Montagu Evans believe you are implicated in or convicted of any criminal activity (including fraud);
  • if Montagu Evans believe being associated with your and/or your business would damage the reputation of Montagu Evans;
  • if the Funding (or any part of it) is not being used for the Purpose.

whereupon the arrangements set out will forthwith be terminated and all or part funding given up to  the date of termination  may (at our discretion) be requested to be returned to us immediately.

8. Data Protection

8.1 Any personal data you provide to us will be processed in solely accordance with our privacy policy which complies with current UK data protection legislation. In particular, your personal data will not be disclosed to a third party without your prior consent and will only be retained for a reasonable period to assist us to operate the ME100 Award. By submitting your application, you are permitting us to contact you by [telephone and/or] email in connection with the Awards programme. You
also acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy and that you consent to our processing your personal data in accordance with it.

9. Confidentiality

Successful candidates will be privy to Montagu Evans information, as such candidates must agree to:

9.1 treat and safeguard all confidential information as strictly private and confidential and take all steps necessary to preserve such confidentiality;

9.2 not disclose, nor reveal any confidential information to any person or other party unless it is previously agreed by Montagu Evans in writing; and

9.3 inform Montagu Evans immediately upon becoming aware or suspecting that any confidential information has been disclosed.